Your ultimate journey


From the heart of the Middle East, the virtue of hospitality has long grown and prospered. It is an ineluctable product of the landscape. By opening our home to travelers, we embrace them as good friends.

We, Vivienda, take on the quest of representing the most refined qualities of the Middle East and spreading the value of generosity and the honoring of the traveler.

Drawing from our rich heritage and cultural value, we move forward to transform the duty of hospitality into an Art.

Embrace our core


The Extraordinary
We seek the extraordinary in each extra step and the detail of the smallest interaction.
Everything in the interiors and exterior spaces is designed to please the eye and ease the mind.
Our facilities are designed to ensure the highest levels of privacy for our guests.
Our pursuit of excellence drives us to constantly perfecting the details of the everyday experience.
We pride ourselves in carrying out the traditions of our culture and perfecting the art of hospitality.

We are here for you