Special villas that meet all kinds of




1. Parking space in front of the villa.
2. Ramp at the entrance for easy movement.
3. Wide In villa Elevator.
4. Spacious rooms for moving freely and easily.
5. Lower closet rod for hanging clothes as you please.
6. Accessible shelving to arrange your clothes smoothly.
7. The flooring is made of tile for easy transition inside the villa.
8. The bathroom door opens to outside in order to get in and out comfortably.
9. Lower level of the sink to wash your hands, face, brush your teeth and even shave effortlessly
10. Open shower with hand rail or Parallel grab bars and toilet seat shower to enjoy a refreshing bath
11. Bed height 55 cm suitable for you to enjoy sleeping.
12. All drawers are easy to open for your comfort.



1. TDD Telecommunication Device for the Deaf to assist the hearing impaired guests like a light that signals someone is knocking at the door, lights for incoming phone calls etc.…
2. Visual fire alarm with strobing light
3. Doorbell flasher (activates a bright blinking light when someone is at your door).
4. Braille sign Language books at the counter inside the villa and stickers placed on remote control, AC, Lotion, Phone etc…
5. Sign language video playing on the TV
6. Hand rail or Parallel grab bars inside the restrooms
7. Bed shaker for waking up

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