Dear Vivienda family,

We have reached a new milestone; a significant step towards higher standards, moving to a more pioneering and innovative brand.
Taking the rich heritage we have accumulated during the years, we have defined what we aspire to become; challenging the expected to keep on improving your journey with us.

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Vivienda brand identity as part of this ongoing evolution.

Following this path, we redesigned the Vivienda brand identity to reflect who we are today, characterizing our dynamic and relentless commitment to you.

We developed a logo that represents our love for aesthetics, portrays exclusivity and refinement. We translated this new identity on the various amenities we offer, using noble materials and promoting craftsmanship. Online, this identity follows with the development of an intuitive user experience, that you can explore on our new website.

We made it our mission to provide you with excellent quality service and forward-thinking ideas in a state-of-the-art context.

To allow our customers to physically experience the new Vivienda standards, we have expanded our offer with the introduction of our V Series: V.lounge, V.Spa, V.Garden and V.Suite.

Embracing this very heritage and cultural value, we move forward to transforming the duty of hospitality into an Art. Weaving past and future together, we craft distinctively memorable journeys around each of you. We believe in beauty, excellence and continuity.

We appreciate your loyalty to Vivienda and will continue striving to offer you the best service.

Mohammed Almalik
CEO, Vivienda Hotels